You’ll be able to get a jump start with the basics videos and then come back to continue with the ADVANCED modules as we add them each week throughout the course. PLUS you’ll be able to submit questions to be answered on our 10 Weekly Q&A Webinars (every Wednesday at 3:00 PM eastern for 10 weeks) to get help if you’re stuck and advice if you need it.

Advanced Video Modules:

  • Module 1: Site Maintenance – updates made easy
  • Module 2: Security – hacker protection & more
  • Module 3: Themes – selecting the right theme
  • Module 4: Plugins – less is more, how to choose wisely
  • Module 5: Customize – configure your theme
  • Module 6: Content – creating content that converts
  • Module 7: Monetize – action plan
  • Module 8: Funnel – fine tune your funnel action plan
  • Module 9: Surveys – lead generation & testimonial awesome sauce
  • Module 10:Easy SEO for online and offline businesses


Get OFF The Designer Drip TODAY!

When the final version of the course goes live I’ll be charging at least $597
(quite likely even more because my coach is telling me it should be $997!).

I’ve created this course because I’m constantly being asked “How do I get started?” or “There’s so much to learn – I don’t know where to start!” I know how you feel because I’ve been in your shoes, I know what it’s like to struggle to get your website looking the way you want it to AND making money. I want to give you the basic knowledge you need to feel confident making tweaks and updates and Whip Your WordPress Website Into Shape so it becomes the revenue resource for you that every website should be!

You’re invited to be a part of the BETA course for just $297!


Sign up BEFORE midnight EST Sunday 12th July, 2015 to secure a 60 minute One-2-One Consultation via Skype or web meeting to discuss your objectives for a new site or review your current website.

Please understand this is a Beta Course, meaning it’s the first time I’m running it, so I’ll be adding content to it as we go along based on your questions, your needs and your feedback during the Q&A sessions. The quality, support and follow-through will be top notch regardless and you’ll continue to have access to the course videos to come back and review as needed after the course is ended.